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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is there a 1/2 marathon somewhere in my future??

Nothing better than starting the day with a good luck hug from your best friend!!

Hayley served as my pacer, photographer, water fetcher, butt slapper, ipod music coordinator and cheerleader. I couldn't have asked for a better running partner!!

Twister Girl! Sorry, don't know your name, but love the costume.

Kathy, Our Fearless Leader as the Queen of Hearts!

I also loved these custom costumes!

Hey Roman, is it almost time to run???

Nothing but a sea of runners as far as the eye can see!!!

A quick action shot as we head down the hill towards Woodward Park.

At long last, the 12km marker. I'm really gonna do this thing!!!

I actually achieved my goal of finishing in under 2 hours with a chip time of 1:55. Whew! That was close!!

That is the face of a tired, satisfied runnermom....Hayley said she was ready to go "really run" after we were through.

Hayley, thank you sooooo much for taking the time to come back home and support me during this milestone in my life. You could of stayed with your friends and gone to parties and whatever you girls do, but instead you shared with me another one of the most important days of my life. Wanna know what the other most important day of my life was?? When God gave me you......Mommy Loves You!!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Today is a very sad day for me

Today my heart is very heavy. My baby girl is leaving for college. She is the light of my life and I wanted to share some of our good times together. I am so thankful we joined the RunnersWorld Tulsa group. I think you all really helped build confidence in Hayley and she was able to achieve some incredible things such as winning a half marathon, a quarter marathon, many 5K's, and obtaining a Cross-country scholarship.
Hayley will be a Nursing major at East Central University in Ada. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I know she will run great in college. Her season starts Sept 3rd and I am excited and anxious to attend the meets.
I know she will miss all her friends from RunnersWorld.
With all that said, If I come to run with very puffy eyes and a much slower pace, you will now know why.

Broken Arrow XC shirts

This is Hayley coming in 15th in the State XC meet

Hayley and TZ

How can you forget that tat? By the way, it means "Sacred Arrow" in Osage. She was given that name when she was a baby. The bear claws symbolize that we are members of the Bear clan.

Pheasant Hunting with her Daddy

Senior pics

Good Luck Hayley Elizabeth!! I am so proud of you and will think of you every time I step foot out to run.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Turkey Mountain experience

Today I decided I would explore T.M. for the first time. I arrived around 5:30 in 90+ degree weather and was smart enough to bring a big bottle of water. I tried to get Hayley to go with me and she said "No thanks." I couldn't understand why she was reluctant since we both love to be outside, "one with nature". So, she goes to exercise class in a nice air-conditioned gym, and I head off for the Mtn. The parking lot was pretty empty when I arrived and I couldn't remember what time the RW group started so I set off on my own. I decided to start with the Blue Trail and finished with the Red Trail. Everything was going great until I realized I had to dodge the mountain bikers. I forgot my insecticide, but thankfully the mosquitoes didn't smell me. It started out pretty easy, but then, as I got deeper into the woods, I realized what Hayley was talking about. Rocks, roots, rocks, soft dirt, rocks, uneven surface, and more rocks. All in all, I finished in about 50 minutes.

# of times I fell on my butt-1

# of times rolled my ankle-2

# of times I landed on my knees-2

# of times I fell flat on my face-1

# of ticks I acquired-0

Being one with the mountain-priceless

I now have more respect for the trails and the people who run them.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where have we been???

This is our new baby, Sophie!! We rescued her from the Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue Foundation. I have been feeling guilty about leaving her after I get home from work, so I haven't been down to the RiverParks in awhile. Seems like the cold weather doesn't appeal to me much. Anyway, I'm slowly trying to get back on the running schedule again. I've been trying to get my runs in at the golf course across the street and in the neighborhood. Also, took Sophie a couple of time to Haikey Park, but after 2 miles she kinda poops out!
Hayley has been a busy girl too with Track season starting. She was nominated for Winter Sports Queen, but unfortunately the Basketball attendant won. Oh well, we're still proud of her. This is Hayley with her main squeeze, Blake. So everything was going great that day, after the ceremony I kissed her bye and headed home, when all of a sudden my cell rang. Hayley was crying so hard I could barely understand her. I finally heard "car wreck"!! I immediately turned around and went back. It seems this 16 year old girl who had had her license for a whole 2 weeks plowed into the back of Hayley's car as she was sitting at a light. The impact pushed Hayley into the car in front of her.

This is the 16 year olds car. Her airbags went off and she had 2 other people in the car. She told the cop her brakes failed. Yea, right. I'm thinking she was so busy talking that she didn't pay attention. Not sure how fast she was going, but Hayley's car had $5300.00 damages.

This is Hayley in the ER waiting to be seen. She was still on a adrenaline rush so I don't think the pain had set in yet. Her X-Ray was OK, but she has whiplash.

OK, after spending 3 1/2 hours in the ER, the pain finally kicked in. Thankfully she was not seriously hurt. Yes, she is back to running, but still having lots of neck pain. Anybody know any good Chiropractors or Orthopaedists????
SOOOOOOO, that's what's going on with us. Sorry to hear about some of ya'll's injuries. This has been a rough winter for some of you. Hope to see everyone soon now that the weather is nicer and daylight saving time is almost upon us. :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A "Golden " day for a walk

Look at that sweet face, how could I deny her a walk? This pretty girl is named "Nana", we adopted her about 3 years ago from a couple in Jenks

Unfortunately, Nana has put on a few pounds this Winter, so a walk was necessary.

I know, I don't look too thrilled, it was freakin cold! But, I 've been really stressed out lately with my elderly parents, my 97 year old Grandmother, my college-aged son, and my soon to be college bound daughter so I figured i should get out since i haven't really been running much. i just can't seem to get motivated. Maybe i need some light therapy??

Nana say's "Hurry up Mom! Quit being depressed and walk me dammit!!!

Sniff, sniff...do i smell ducks?? Boy that water looks inviting!

Come on Mom! Quit taking pictures and let's get on with our walk!!! i know, i know, i'm a pretty girl.

Whoa nelly!!!!! See!! I told you i smelled some ducks!!

Sorry Nana, you can't go swimming today, it's too cold!!

Hurry up Mom, the sun is getting ready to set. I want to get in as much walking time as i can!!

Wow, they must have cut this tree down today because of the awful high winds we had here last night. what a waste!!

I'm startin to get a little thirsty, is that a water fountain up ahead??

See Mom, that wasn't so bad after all huh?? See what a little sunshine, cold wind, a brisk walk, and a wet kiss can do for you!!

Ahhhhh, home sweet home. Hey mom, tomorrow can we do it again, huh, please????

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hog Jog in Owasso..Ruth's 1st 5K!!!!!!!

Ruth signs up for her 1st 5K race!!!!!

Christal and her Dad were there too showing off there RunnersWorld apparel. Ruth chose to show off her OU Sooner spirit!!!

This is Zach, Ruth's son. He runs cross country with Hayley at Broken Arrow. He took 2nd in his division. Good job Zach!!!!!

They had a really good turn out, probably close to 400 runners.

Remember what Coach Kathy says Ruth, pace yourself!!!

Hayley finishes with a good time, except she was mad because another girl beat her by 5 seconds!! Heck, she still took 2nd place.

Ruth crosses the finish line!!!!

Randy, Ruth's husband gives her a congrats hug!!

Races I've run in....

  • 2008 Route 66 Quarter Marathon 1:23:13
  • 2008 Tulsa Run 5K 32:37
  • 2008 Run for the patch 5K 36:00
  • 2008 Mohawk 5000 5K 34:00
  • 2008 5 mi Poker Run@River
  • 2008 Green Corn Run 5K 32:55
  • 2008 Runaway 5K 32:36
  • 2008 Clean Air Challenge (1st in my division!!) 31:37
  • 2008 Day-Ohn-Day Run 5K 33:25
  • 2008 St Patrick's Day Run 5K 31:53
  • 2007 Jingle Bell Run 5K 31:43
  • 2007 Hog Jog 5K (1st Filly!!) 30:00
  • 2007 Jenks 2 mile 19:19
  • 2007 Run for the patch 5K (my 1st) 34:45