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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is there a 1/2 marathon somewhere in my future??

Nothing better than starting the day with a good luck hug from your best friend!!

Hayley served as my pacer, photographer, water fetcher, butt slapper, ipod music coordinator and cheerleader. I couldn't have asked for a better running partner!!

Twister Girl! Sorry, don't know your name, but love the costume.

Kathy, Our Fearless Leader as the Queen of Hearts!

I also loved these custom costumes!

Hey Roman, is it almost time to run???

Nothing but a sea of runners as far as the eye can see!!!

A quick action shot as we head down the hill towards Woodward Park.

At long last, the 12km marker. I'm really gonna do this thing!!!

I actually achieved my goal of finishing in under 2 hours with a chip time of 1:55. Whew! That was close!!

That is the face of a tired, satisfied runnermom....Hayley said she was ready to go "really run" after we were through.

Hayley, thank you sooooo much for taking the time to come back home and support me during this milestone in my life. You could of stayed with your friends and gone to parties and whatever you girls do, but instead you shared with me another one of the most important days of my life. Wanna know what the other most important day of my life was?? When God gave me you......Mommy Loves You!!!!!

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  • 2008 Route 66 Quarter Marathon 1:23:13
  • 2008 Tulsa Run 5K 32:37
  • 2008 Run for the patch 5K 36:00
  • 2008 Mohawk 5000 5K 34:00
  • 2008 5 mi Poker Run@River
  • 2008 Green Corn Run 5K 32:55
  • 2008 Runaway 5K 32:36
  • 2008 Clean Air Challenge (1st in my division!!) 31:37
  • 2008 Day-Ohn-Day Run 5K 33:25
  • 2008 St Patrick's Day Run 5K 31:53
  • 2007 Jingle Bell Run 5K 31:43
  • 2007 Hog Jog 5K (1st Filly!!) 30:00
  • 2007 Jenks 2 mile 19:19
  • 2007 Run for the patch 5K (my 1st) 34:45